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Projects & Experimentations

A collection of UI design snippets for inspiration.

Access control library for Java, JavaScript and Go.

Library for working with Google App Engine and Datastore.

A simple Web app to help simplify the calculation of pro-rated salaries.

Plugin for swiping elements on touch screen devices.

UI Design Notes

As a non-designer who has to design, I am putting together this collection of UI snippets of pretty design which are, importantly, easy to emulate.

The idea for this collection is to build up a repertoire of design techniques that can be easily applied. This is useful for those moments where you simply do not have the inspiration, idea or energy to think of something new.

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”


Case Study 7

Brilliant use of design against a visually striking background.

label background, colour, striking

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 6

Inspiration for navigation buttonss

label nav, navigation, cta, numbering

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 5

Use of a solid colour for backdrop.

label solid, colours

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 4

Ideas for button placement.

label buttons

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 3

Some UI takeaways from a mobile screen design.

label whitespace, label, shapes

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 2

I like this design for the use of accent colours over a non-white background.

label accent colour

Source: Dribbble


Case Study 1

This design shows how simple shapes can construct a pretty landing page.

label landing page

Source: Dribbble