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Verification & Statutory Declaration

Sun, Dec 29, 2013 2:21PM +0800

We are going to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) tomorrow to officiate our marriage.


Below is a list of the standard stuff to bring along to the statutory declaration:

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Money Changing

After the statutory declaration, we will be visiting a currency exchange to get us some Hong Kong dollars for our little trip next year.

We were trying to postpone the exchange of the money to as late as possible in an anticipation of the lack of demand towards the end of the year when everyone comes back from their holidays. Hopefully we will be proved right.

Dress Fitting

We're also going to a dress fitting for the bride at night. We'll collect this for her to wear to the solemnization the day after.

Originally we were also going to a Starhub shop to cancel the bride's existing contract and sign on a new one to get a new Note 3, but turns out there is a Starhub service that you can call the hotline and indicate your interest in the phone.

Once you do that, they'll check the availability of the phone and call you back. They will handle the cancelling and registration of a new line all over the phone and finally deliver the phone to your house. Pretty cool - you don't need to waste time to wait in line at the shop.

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