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7 Days to Couplehood!

Tue, Dec 24, 2013 1:54PM +0800
wedding rings

We are seven days away to being married! Just in time for the website to be up too!

So we have just seven days of singlehood left. Most of the solemnization preparation is done. But as with every event preparation, there are things that simply cannot be done ahead of time.

Hand Bouquet

Fresh flowers! They need to look all pretty and dazzling in the bride’s hands so they can only be collected on the eve of our big day.

Official Marriage Vows

Although our solemnization that is to be witnessed by our friends and family, and to be carried out on January 1st, there is another step before that. We have to be both present at the Registry of Marriage (ROM) to take our official vows. This deserves another post because there are items to bring there too!

Gown Collection

We have a tea dress supplied by our wedding studio Z Wedding. We will be collecting this on 30th and return it on the following day after the solemnization.

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