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Running SWF Files

Wed, Feb 24, 2016

I was recently posed with a question on how to run Adobe Flash files in the browser. As far as I know, you can write a simple HTML page to embed the Flash file (SWF) in a page and load in the browser ( I also recall that any decent browser would be able to load the SWF file as-is without having to do anything extra.

However, loading the SWF file in Chrome on Linux does not work; loading the file causes Chrome to prompt the user to download it - definitely not the reaction I was hoping from the browser. Trying to solve this problem lead to learn a new thing about MIME types in Linux.

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More tips for BackboneJS

Fri, Feb 19, 2016
Some time back when researching for Backbone JS stuff (I can't remember for what now), I encountered this post Lessons learned while working with Backbone.js. This post was written a few years back, but I was still able to glean some gems from it. Specifically, the section "Simplified Object Copying" was something that could be applied on plain vanilla JavaScript. The other section "Changing in referenced object does not trigger events"
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Backbone Events

Tue, Oct 27, 2015
Backbone events are a powerful way to write responsive user interfaces with fewer lines of codes. This article attempts to give a detailed breakdown of the events and the parameters available for the callback functions. The results in this article are applicable for version 1.2.3 of Backbone.js The test is performed by instantiating instances of ExperimentModel extended from Backbone.Model and ExperimentCollection extended from Backbone.Collection. The model is first added to the collection to test "
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Back to Basics

Sun, Sep 27, 2015

When I started my formal education in computer science, I had to take a module on programming with the C language. I remember this was a module that caused many of my peers to re-think their decision to study computer engineering; the concept of pointers was so foreign to many of them that even the smart ones scored poorly.

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AppEngine Header Length Limit

Sun, Sep 6, 2015
I rely heavily on Google AppEngine which is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that I can deploy my apps on without having to worry about the actual server instances powering the application. Contrast this to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) where I decide on the number of servers to spin up for my application. The benefit of a PaaS offering is an abstraction of the underlying server stuff (and all the nitty gritty server admin issues).
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Converting Certificates

Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Here’s the command this article is talking about:

openssl x509 -in proxy.cer -inform der -outform pem -out proxy.crt

This command basically converts a binary certificate into a base64-encoded one (i.e. text).

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Hiring Tips

Fri, Oct 3, 2014

An article I recently read talks about how to hire the right people. The TL;DR of it is a list of 7 C’s (we all love lists right?):

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