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Day One in Taipei

Sun, Nov 25, 2012 11:46PM +0800

Today is the first time I’m in Taiwan. I will be in Taipei for the whole of the next six days.


  1. Arrive at Taoyuan Airport.
  2. Take bus to hotel in Ximending (西门町). (Takes about an hour and a half.)
  3. Check-in to hotel & late lunch.
  4. Tour Ximending (hotel is located in the district, so no travelling is needed).
  5. End of day.

My girlfriend and I reached Taoyuan International Airport at around 12 pm after departing Singapore at around 7 plus am. We finally cleared the custom at around 12.20 pm. Fortune would have it that we were just in time to catch the 12.35 pm FreeGo bus to reach Ximending.

Freego Bus Service Counter
Freego Bus Service Counter

The tickets for the bus trip cost each of us NT140. It took roughly one and a half hours before we reached our hotel, including the transfer. We learnt from research that FreeGo is the easiest, low-cost way to reach Ximending. However, what we didn’t know was that there would be a transfer. The worst thing about the transfer was that the bus that we were transferred to was already half-filled. It meant that we had to stand in a crowded bus with people and luggage for half the journey.

After reaching the hotel we had our long awaited lunch while we waited for the check-in time at 3 pm. Perfect timing despite the unexpected hiccup.

ERG Cafe
ERG Cafe

So we only have half the day left for some touring. The temperature as last reported by the pilot was 24 degree celsius – it did feel like that, although we had expected it to be somewhat cooler.

So our first order of the day was to grab some gifts for our close friends and family. We traversed the shopping district several times before we found our preferred dining spot. And then a few more times because we got lost in the shopping labyrinth.

Ximending (西门町)
Ximending (西门町)
Real dogs at each of their outlets in Ximending
Real dogs at each of their outlets in Ximending

We also loved the fact that the outlets of one of the cafe brand, Risotto, have real dogs in their cafe as their mascot.

And that concluded our trip for the day! A nice introduction to Taiwan. It turns out that the night did become cooler, but still it’s not the type of weather that would require a jacket or anything. More to come over the next few days!

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