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Thu, Sep 15

LG has won me over

About a year ago, I bought my wife and I a new phone for each of us. For her it was a Galaxy Note 5. For me, I got a LG G4.

At that point in time, the G4 was considered slightly below par compared to the Note 5, in terms of price and branding. I had aimed for a V10 but there was completely no news about it being available in Singapore.

Despite being a flagship phone for Samsung, there were plenty of reasons for not choosing the Note 5 then - the stylus problem, the non-removable battery and the lack of external storage. I had no regrets not selecting the Note 5.

Notwithstanding all the shortcomings, I had a more pragmatic reason for choosing the G4 over the Note 5 though - price. To me, it was that I did not think that the Note 5 was worth the extra money over the G4; all the features that the phone touted (and the Samsung branding) were not worth the premium over the G4.

Now, my stance is more opinionated - I think the support for LG is simply better than the Samsung. In the time between my wife getting her Note 5 to her first OS upgrade from Android 5.1 to Android 6, I had already gotten three updates. My G4 was revved up to Android M months before her Note 5 was upgraded. My G4 also got another update recently, though I’m not sure what the upgrade was - my assumption is that it is for some security patches.

Regardless of the reason for the latest update, the fact that LG has provided more frequent updates than Samsung has (for its flagship phone no less) is enough reason for me to not choose Samsung phones again.

P.S. I had begun writing this article before the Note 7 battery problems surfaced so the battery problem wasn’t the genesis for my opinion.

Using your Camera on a Webpage

This page provides a working demonstration of the HTML5 getUserMedia API. If your browser supports it, when you click "Start", the page will prompt you for permission to use the camera. If you are using a phone, it might even ask you if you want to share the back-facing for the front-facing camera.

Touch Swipe Plugin

This is a plugin that I had written for SitePoint relating to the use of touch interface for swiping elements horizontally.

There are two examples (Demo One & Demo Two) for each of two-part articles at Part One and Part Two.

Cactus App

Cactus App a simple Web app designed to help simplify the calculation of pro-rated salary. It helps the user by removing the need to perform workday calculation for a month.

Right now, it only handles the case where the workdays are from Mondays to Fridays.